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Help support a rapidly growing Toledo LGBT tradition!

When you sign up to sponsor Toledo Pride 2017, your business is provided with multiple marketing opportunities that will reach thousands while your business is recognized as a community supporter. Learn more about the multiple sponsorship opportunities Toledo Pride offers in the 2017 Toledo Pride Sponsorship Information Packet.  To sign up as a sponsor, complete the form below or download and return the 2017 Toledo Pride Sponsorship Agreement.

Please contact our Toledo Pride Sponsorship Coordinator at to learn more about how your company can get involved with Toledo Pride.

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As Northwest Ohio’s largest and most recognized event for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex and allied (LGBTQIA) community, Toledo Pride is pleased to invite you to become a sponsor of the annual Toledo Pride celebration! This year’s events will be held Friday, August 18, and Saturday, August 19. Toledo Pride includes many exciting events for our community, including the Nite Glo .5K and KISS ‘N’ Drag on Friday, and the all-day Toledo Pride festival on Saturday. This year, Toledo Pride will also be partnering with “The Village On Adams” for a Big Rainbow Brunch Crawl on Adams Street on Sunday, August 20, 2017. The Toledo Pride Festival is a large-scale, outdoor event showcasing the best in local and national entertainment. The festival also boasts a parade, food and merchandise vendors, and networking with numerous community organizations including social groups, churches, and health and wellness groups.


Sponsorship with Toledo Pride provides a tremendous amount of exposure for your business to the LGBTQI community and their allies. Based on feedback from our attendees and participants, Toledo Pride is an amazing experience to those who attend and a beneficial, rewarding experience for our sponsors. Your support helps build awareness and shows that your business cares about and supports everyone in our community.

Toledo Pride provides an opportunity for your company to reinforce your brand in a significant media market. Statistics show that gay and lesbian community members are loyal customers who prefer to purchase from companies that advertise and support diversity, equality, and LGBTQIA community causes. In fact, recent studies show that the gay community has an annual buying power of over 740 billion dollars.

Don’t miss out on becoming a Toledo Pride sponsor today and enjoying the benefits associated with your involvement!


  • Recognition on all media platforms
  • Logo on TARTA buses, main sponsor sign, stage wing sign
  • Double vendor space (10×20’)
  • Toledo Pride Parade premiere placement

RED SPONSOR — $2,500

  • Recognition on all media platforms
  • Logo on main sponsor sign, stage wing sign
  • Double vendor space (10×20’)
  • Toledo Pride Parade premiere placement


  • Recognition on all media platforms
  • Logo on main sponsor sign
  • Double vendor space (10×20’)


  • Recognition on main sponsor sign and Toledo Pride website
  • Vendor space (10×10’)


  • Recognition on Toledo Pride website
  • Vendor space (10×10’)


  • Recognition on Toledo Pride website