2024 Sponsorship Opportunities


As Northwest Ohio’s largest and most recognized event for the (LGBTQIA+) community, Toledo Pride is pleased to invite you to become a sponsor of the annual Toledo Pride celebration! This year’s events will be held Friday, August ##, through Sunday, August ##, 2024. 

Toledo Pride includes many exciting events for our community, including:

  • Toledo Pride – Kick-Off on Friday, August ##, 2024.
  • Saturday Parade at noon on Saturday, August ##, 2024.
  • All-day Toledo Pride Main Festival after the parade on Saturday, August ##, 2024.
  • Big Rainbow Brunch Crawl on Adams Street on Sunday, August ##, 2024. 

The Toledo Pride Festival is a large-scale, outdoor event showcasing the best local entertainment. The festival also boasts a parade, food, merchandise vendors, and networking with numerous community organizations, including social groups, churches, and health and wellness groups.


Sponsorship with Toledo Pride provides a tremendous amount of exposure for your business to the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. Based on feedback from our attendees and participants, Toledo Pride is a fantastic experience for those who attend and a beneficial, rewarding experience for our sponsors. 

Your support helps build awareness and shows that your business cares about and supports everyone in our community.

Toledo Pride provides an opportunity for your company to reinforce your brand in a significant media market. Statistics show that LGBTQIA+ community members are loyal customers who prefer to purchase from companies that advertise and support diversity, equality, and LGBTQIA+ community causes. In fact, recent studies show that the LGBTQIA+ community has an annual buying power of over 740 billion dollars.

Don’t miss out on becoming a Toledo Pride sponsor and enjoy the benefits associated with your involvement!

$5,000 Advocate of Toledo Pride

  • Solo banner at event
  • Premier placement & banner for the parade
  • Sponsorship announcement during parade
  • Stage Shout-Outs
  • Included on all promotional materials including radio, social media, etc.
  • $100 in Pride Bucks – Merchandise ONLY
  • Large Name on back of Committee Shirt
  • Double vendor space
  • Logo on banner hung year-round in Pride Center for public events

$2,500 Ally of Toledo Pride

  • Included on all banners
  • Premier placement in parade
  • Sponsorship announcement during parade
  • Stage Shouts
  • Included on promotional materials – radio, social media
  • $50 in Pride Bucks – Merchandise ONLY
  • Medium Name on back of Committee Shirt
  • Double vendor space
  • Logo on banner hung year-round in Pride Center for public events

$1,000 Supporter to Toledo Pride

  • Included on all banners
  • Included on promotional materials
  • Small Name on back of Committee Shirt
  • Single vendor space
  • Logo on banner hung year-round in Pride Center for public events

$500 Contributor of Toledo Pride

  • Included on social media, website, banner
  • Single vendor space
  • Logo on banner hung year-round in Pride Center for public events



Thank you for your interest in becoming a Toledo Pride sponsor. If you have any questions regarding the sponsorship process or levels, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator at [email protected]. We appreciate your generosity and support.

Terms and Payment

This agreement will not be considered confirmed until all parties sign this contract and payment is received in full. The term of this sponsorship agreement begins on the date the agreement is confirmed.


We reserve the right to reschedule, relocate, or cancel Toledo Pride or any individual events if necessary for any reason, including, but not limited to: weather, failure to receive commitments for sponsors, failure to reach agreement with applicable authorities on an issue related to Toledo Pride, or other acts beyond the control of Toledo Pride (i.e. fire, strike, war, change of law or regulation, or public catastrophe). If Toledo Pride is cancelled in whole, the Pride of Toledo Foundation will issue refunds based on monetary amounts paid directly to Toledo Pride. No further refunds or other amount will be due from the Pride of Toledo Foundation and in no case will the amount of the refund exceed the amount of the sponsorship fee paid. If a sponsor fails to attend Toledo Pride, the business/organization will not be refunded.


Neither the Pride of Toledo Foundation nor its representative will be responsible for any injury, loss, harm, or damage that may occur to the sponsor from any cause whatsoever. Under no circumstances will Toledo Pride be liable to lost profits or other special consequential damage. The forgoing will apply regardless of how any claim is brought or how damages are characterized, including whether brought in contract, tort, or otherwise.

For All Registrants

This agreement affirms that the applicant and/or business represented by the applicant act in accordance to the mission of Toledo Pride, to celebrate and educate the LGBTQIA+ community in Toledo and its surrounding areas while fighting for equal rights for all. Signature of this agreement affirms that the individual, organization, or business named does not discriminate in hiring, employment, participation, or services rendered based on the fact or perception of a person’s race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, domestic partner status, disability, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or HIV status.

For more questions email Alysha @ [email protected]

Please note: We also accept in-kind sponsors through the donation of gift cards to any local restaurants or retail shops. Email [email protected] for more information.

If you would like to sign up online fill out the form below!

Download this PDF here, and mail it to:

Send completed & signed agreement along with full payment to: 

Pride of Toledo Foundation 
2413 Collingwood Blvd. 
Toledo, OH 43620