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Toledo Pride will be held in Downtown Toledo. 

Please keep in mind that there may be other events in Downtown Toledo (Mud Hens baseball, events at the Huntington Arena, etc.) that could effect parking downtown, and rates will vary with individual parking locations.

Saturday, August 18

Entertainment Line-up


Light Horizon, Porsha Armani, Distant Cousins, Bitch Thunder, Sapphire Rayhne, Veronica Faction, Picking Kelly, Justin Case, Twila Starr, Glass City Groove, Nikki Marie, King Q, Bitch Thunder, Rain Anderw, Trina Grier, Noisy Neighbors, Devon Ayers, Ericka Sanchez, London Asia, Amelia Airharts, Coby Haze, Amber Stone, Skittlebots, Deja, Olivia Diamond, Brook Lockhart, Caffeyne Love, Santa Romero, Willow Skyhart, Drag 27, Farrah CT, and Arctic Clam.

This is a live performance times are subject to change.

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